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Oct 05, 2018  

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Thailand tackles its bad boy Buddhist monks

Thailand-Phra Buddha Issara-Monk-Buddhism-May 24-2018-Reuters The court ordered him to repay 29 devotees who he cheated out of US$1 million in various scams, which may soon be refunded from his seized assets. He is also awaiting trial on charges of child molestation and child abduction. This is the purge of a lifetime. Never have there been such high-profile arrests and so many prominent monks falling from grace, said Yale University-educated constitutional law scholar Khemthong Tonsakulrungruang. Thailands biggest-ever investigation and crackdown against corruption among officials and senior saffron-robed Buddhist monks comes amid widespread public dismay about some ascetics all-too-worldly behaviors and lavish lifestyles. Buddhist monks are occasionally jailed for murder, drug dealing, sex crimes and other violations in Thailand, a nation where Buddhism is practiced by as much as 95% of the population. Defrocked and criminally convicted Buddhist monk Wirapol Sukpol heads to court in August 2018. Photo: Facebook But the current arrests and imprisonments expose crime at the top echelons of the powerful and wealthy official Buddhist hierarchy, which oversees an increasingly scandal-ridden, commercialized religion. Thailands ruling military junta seized power in a 2014 coup partly on the claim that corruption needed to be purged across all Thai society. Many people expected politicians and businessmen to be targeted, but it appears their self-touted clean-up campaign has spread to certain top monks and abbots in the previously aloft Buddhist clergy. Previous elected civilian governments may have shied away from such widespread busts because the overall popular support Buddhist monks enjoy might have cost them votes at election time.

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