An Updated Introduction To No-fuss Plans For Bedshee

Feb 03, 2017  

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On the right side is a spray of cotton, and on the left side is a stalk of corn with full ears and a tasseled top. see it here (Corn and cotton were the leading crops of the area at the time of the banner's adoption.) The flag only flies at a few places in the city, including City Hall and the main fire station. There are probably not 10 people in the City of Columbia who know whats on it, City Councilman Howard Duvall says of the cotton-and-corn festooned banner. The only reason I know is because we looked at it during a meeting. So the city, arts promotion group One Columbia and the Columbia Design League are setting about updating the flag, and will soon be accepting suggestions and submissions from the general public. One Columbias Lee Snelgrove says a website likely will be launched in the next week to allow citizens to give their input. That submission process would remain open until mid-April. Ten finalists will be selected among the public entries, then citizens will have the chance to provide input on those finalists. A flag design jury comprised of city officials, neighborhood leaders, the arts community and flag design experts will then make a recommendation on a new flag to City Council. Snelgrove hopes a redesigned flag will be approved by early fall.

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